Rain in Reineh

We started our trip with sandals, shades and sun.  And now we’re under umbrellas, clouds and wet shoes – talk about a quick season change!                                                                  Despite the weather, we still managed to see how wonderful and historic Reineh and Nazareth are.  We went to visit the Basilica of the Annunciation and while we were admiring the different portrayals of Mary and baby Jesus, the Islamic call to prayer was resounding in the background.

For the two of us, it was a beautiful and meditative experience.  On our way out we stopped by the local souk (local market) to pick up some postcards, and browsed the shops.

We then decided to surprise some of the K4P campers (Mary, Dima & Alaa) at The Latin Patriarchate School.  During their break they introduced us to their class and showed us around.  This school starts from kindergarten all the way up to grade 12!

Later in the evening, we decided to be adventurous and took a walk around Reineh.  We talked to some locals and stopped by a little bakery to buy some pastries.  On the way back we were caught in the rain but it was still fun trying to find our way back to the house.

About Kids4Peace Canada

Kids4Peace (Canada) brings four Jewish, four Muslim, and four Christian eleven year-old children from the Galilee region of Israel to a summer camp in Ontario to create new friendships and to help build the human foundations for peace in their troubled region
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4 Responses to Rain in Reineh

  1. Dear Zarah and Sumayya
    Thank you for all the great news and pictures. We are enjoying them very much and appreciate the time you are taking to keep us posted. Looking forward to hearing all your news first hand.

  2. I’m so glad that things are going well for you. hope the transition to the south is trouble free and continues to maintain the level of interest and excitement. You seem to be enjoying your encounter with K4P on the ground and the people involved – as well as the environment in which all is set. You are great ambassadors for the cause. Blessings. Ian

  3. hi guys what up. how everything. everything is fine here. this is samson. i AM FINE. I AM GOIG TO PICK U guys up at the air port. thanks for reading!!!!! ::::::::::)

  4. cant believe it’s over! I miss everyone and try to talk to them on Facebook. I wrote a short story for school ( I love to write) and I think you guys would love it! we got a title and had to write a story or poem, it’s called what would Herzl say if he saw. He goes between Gaza and Israel and sees the same thing on each side though so different, if you get what I mean. Anyway I would love to email it to someone but don’t know who. (It’s Danya)