Beautiful Garden and Beautiful Children

From meeting Orin (a K4P 2010 camper) in a moshav to being welcomed by Hamoude (a K4P 2010 camper) and his family, we were received with open arms!

On our first day in Kabiya, we toured Haifa with Sadik (Muslim Advisor), and visited local NGOs that work closely with the Arab community.  We then made our way to the Baha’i Gardens and were instantly captivated by the beauty in front of our eyes.  However, as tourists we were only allowed up to a certain area.  So, we drove up Mt. Carmel to see a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Port, Haifa and the top of  the Baha’i Gardens.

The following day we were in for a great adventure! We went to school with Hamoude on the school bus!  We spent the day there observing all types of different classes such as, Civics, Chemistry, Hebrew, English and Arabic.  Hamoude’s homeroom class hosted a welcoming party for us which was a great surprise.  We were fortunate enough to have the time to get to know the children and for them to get to know us.  All of the children were intrigued with what Kids4Peace is and now we’re afraid that we’ll have too many great applicants to choose from!

About Kids4Peace Canada

Kids4Peace (Canada) brings four Jewish, four Muslim, and four Christian eleven year-old children from the Galilee region of Israel to a summer camp in Ontario to create new friendships and to help build the human foundations for peace in their troubled region
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2 Responses to Beautiful Garden and Beautiful Children

  1. Sumayya and Zarah,
    I am happy to know that you are having a wonderful time, visiting beautiful places and meeting beautiful children.
    The Baha’i Gardens are definitely worth a visit.
    Take care,

  2. Hi Zarah and Sumyyha
    I was just this minute talking to JP and he told me you had left Jerusalem and a reunion with the campers — among other things. So far it sounds like you have had wonderful in depth experience of life in Israel. Look forward to hearing more on your return.