Kids4Peace Photo-Video Contest

WIN $50 or a “Flip Video Camera” with your Peace Pictures! Contest deadline December 16, 2011

The Kids4Peace Photo-Video Contest: Contest deadline December 16, 2011

First you must enter
To enter our Kids4Peace photo-video contest, please submit your intention to participate by emailing one of the Kids4Peace advisors at:

Second take your pictures and submit them
Once we have acknowledged your interest, you can now work on your peace pictures and videos. Your challenge is to go into your neighbourhood with your parents’ permission and takes pictures or a short video clip of what you think peace looks like.

We’ll review your submissions and post some of them on our blog at Once all the submissions are in by December 16, 2011, we’ll choose the winner. As well, we will also create a video of all the submissions and have a special event and showcase (time and location to be announced).

You can make you submissions using one of the following methods:

  1. If it is not too big, email the file to
  2. Put video on a DVD or USB Memory stick and send it to us by regular mail.
  3. Kids4Peace Photo contest
    5 Georgian Court
    Toronto ON M4P2J7
  4. If your parents have a YouTube account, you can upload the file to “YouTube”, and send us the link.
  5. If you parents have access to a “File Sharing Service”, like, you can upload it and send us the link.

The contest deadline of December 16, 2011 is final. All entries become the property of Kids4Peace Canada. Kids4Peace reserves the right to include or exclude any photos or videos at its sole discretion.

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