Greetings from the Holy Land!

We safely arrived in Tel Aviv after a rocky flight, but we made it and are now in Afula (a small Jewish town near Haifa).  Straight after our flight we visited a Jewish School where they hold after school programs for children in the neighbourhood.  Today’s program was hosted by the Ethiopian Community and they welcomed us with a special tea ceremony.

We’re ending the night with a hot cup of nana (mint leaves) and hot water, until then good night! Lailah tov! Tisbahoon ala khair!

About Kids4Peace Canada

Kids4Peace (Canada) brings four Jewish, four Muslim, and four Christian eleven year-old children from the Galilee region of Israel to a summer camp in Ontario to create new friendships and to help build the human foundations for peace in their troubled region
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5 Responses to Greetings from the Holy Land!

  1. Glad to know of your safe arrival, I know Afula well -used to do my shopping in the big superstore on the highway.
    Please continue to enjoy – and to be warmly received.

  2. Hi Zarah and Sumayya
    Congrats on your arrival…special greetings to Iris and all those who welcomed you with true middle east hospitality. It reminds me so much of the first night I arrived in Israel and was so warmly received by an elderly Jewish gentleman in Tel Aviv!
    Thanks for the blog…keep them coming

  3. We are happy to know that you have finally arrived in the promise land; inshallah the visit will broaden your vision and understanding and you will come home better informed.

  4. Hello Sumayya and Zarah,
    So happy that you arrived safely. Enjoy the hospitality and I am positive you will learn a lot from this trip. The picture tells a lot and I wish I were there enjoying the “enjerah and zigni”
    I look forward to more of your blogs and pictures.
    Take care

  5. Zarah and Sumayya
    Glad to hear from. Looks and sounds like your days are full. Keep us posted.